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  • Pave the Way to Success

    Ring in 2018 with a strategic plan that paves the way to future stability and success. The easy-to-follow strategic planning guide will help you answer important questions and establish an effective plan for your business.

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    Plan for Financial Health

    Having revenue that covers expenses doesn’t just happen without a plan. Take time to develop your 2018 annual budget with these resources from First Children’s Finance and develop a clear understanding of expectations and goals to support the financial health of your business.

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    Do You Have A Plan?

    If you have a solid business plan, then you know what it takes to meet goals for enrollment, staffing, expenses and overall financial health. Get started with these planning tools. Remember - take advantage of SCORE mentors (a FREE resource) that can guide you through the process.

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  • Reduce Food Expenses!

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    Seriously, with average savings of 18%, free CACFP compliance assistance and nutritional analyses, why not take a look at how FoodSource will save you money on food and time on paperwork?
  • It’s Raining…

    Savings! What would you do with $6000 or more added into your budget? Your colleagues taking advantage of discounts on food are saving that and more!

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